Raising Funds For Foodbank SA

Through Creating Beautifully Crafted Portraits Of Your Family

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They say "a picture is worth 1,000 words"...

What if...

"A Family Portrait is worth 1,000 Meals?"


New Date:  Until May 15th, 2021, Tania Gaylor Photography is supporting Foodbank SA by offering a Limited & Exclusive Family Portrait Collection that will fill your heart with love and your home with beautiful custom artwork...

Perfect for those who:

        Would love to save over $1000 on creating beautiful portraits of their loved ones.

        Want to decorate their home elegantly and artfully with personal artworks of their family.

        Would like to put 1000 meals on the table for those in need.

With every collection purchased before May 15th, 2021, Tania Gaylor Photography is generously donating $500 to Foodbank SA providing 1000 meals on the tables for those in need in South Australia.

Tania Gaylor is a photographic portrait artist creating beautiful artwork that is carefully planned, visually stunning, full of emotion. . . and just happens to be of your family.

​The value of family is so important to Tania and she is using her portrait skills and talent to support Foodbank SA in their fight against hunger.

​Every $1 raised for Foodbank SA puts 2 meals on the table for those in need which is why this special collaboration is so exciting!

​Tania Gaylor Photography is offering a special family portrait collection exclusively to help raise funds for Foodbank SA . . .

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A Family Portrait Worth 1,000 Meals

Until May 15th, 2021, I am offering a unique Boutique Experience for your whole family to enjoy called "A Family Portrait Worth 1,000 Meals", with a goal to raise enough money to help Foodbank SA put 20,000 meals on the table for those in need, right here in South Australia, this Winter.

This limited and exclusive family portrait collection will fill your heart with love and put food on the table for those in need.

By investing today, you will receive a unique & boutique photographic experience that your whole family will enjoy.  You will have stylish photographic artworks of your family to decorate your home and a love your family will cherish forever.

On top of that, you will save $1295 and will put 1000 meals on the table for those in need.

This limited & exclusive family portrait collection is called...

"A Family Portrait Worth 1,000 Meals":  
    and includes:
    1 - In-Home Pre-Portrait Design Consultation
    1 - On-Location Portrait Session
    1 - Photo/Music Presentation Package
    1 - 5x7" Tabletop Display with Wooden Base (Includes 12 Images)
    1 - $900 Product Credit
    (Normal Value: $2794)
    Special Foodbank SA Offer: $1499
    (Saving You: $1295)

From each collection purchased, I will donate $500 to Foodbank SA putting 1000 meals on the table for those in need.

Here’s what must happen to participate:

  *  Call Tania Gaylor Photography today to find out more
  *  Invest in the Exclusive Foodbank SA Family Portrait Collection before May 15th, 2021
  *  Have your pre-portrait design consultation and portrait session booked before December 31, 2021
  *  Select your beautifully crafted art pieces 4 weeks after your portrait session.

This offer is LIMITED, EXCLUSIVE & TIME SENSITIVE to raise funds, right now, for Foodbank SA.

Tania Gaylor shows you what is included in the limited and exclusive family portrait collection when you invest in 'A Family Portrait Worth 1,000 Meals' to help Foodbank SA raise funds to put 20,000 meals on the table for those in need this Winter.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”


"Wow! Tania Gaylor you've done it once again (after photographing my 6 month old twice now - first time when he was 5 weeks old)! Thank you so much for delivering exactly what you promised and more. We are absolutely thrilled with your creative work and can't recommend you enough. Thanks again"

“We had such fun with Tania having our family portraits taken. She was very professional and put us at ease very quickly. She has a great eye for colour and for choosing special places both inside and outside to ensure the best possible photos were taken. Our finished results are superb and will be treasured forever."


"Tania, I don't know how you do it. You've been able to capture such magical moments not just once, but twice for us. We are just thrilled with our portraits. Not only do we look at them every day, our friends keep commenting on them whenever they drop by. Thank you for being so patient with us and the boys, for the boys especially, the process seemed so easy :)"

Brionie & Rob Jurd, Hazelwood Park

About Tania Gaylor

I just love making people feel good about who they are and what they have. I especially love seeing how proud parents' are of their family.

As you'll discover, I’m very different to most other photographers here in Adelaide because I am a Portrait Artist and it’s my mission to create the most stunning art-piece for you, that is full of emotion. . . and just happens to be of your family.

And this is something that we will uniquely create together.

I will hold your hand from the very beginning (from the initial design concepts), right through until your beautifully styled portrait is professionally framed and installed in your home.

This portrait won’t be like any other. It will be stunning and artistic but most importantly it will send a strong message to your family of belonging and connection, as well as instilling the important family values of love, happiness & strength. It will show everyone how proud you are of your family and what's most important to you.

​That's the power of my family portraits.

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